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Everyone Can Live Independently

We believe that there is no general ‘criteria’ to supported living as support is individually designed around a person’s unique needs.
We believe that any individual has the right to live in a home where they choose and have the appropriate support to meet their needs without taking away their independence.

Hebe Healthcare focuses on a person's ability and
positive determination to remain as independent as possible
within their own home.

We ensure that Hebe healthcare provides the right amount of care to support your needs, to keep you safe and to ensure your general wellbeing is maintained

Our understanding and our commitment to providing supported living is to create a friendly, safe environment where individuals can have a good quality of life.

Support for Living

We support you to live your life, making it possible to achieve your goals and ambitions.

Fresh Vision

Not like normal care facilities, Hebe Healthcare works to enhance your life with a new start.

Your Not Alone

Everything you needs and more to improve your life and living conditions.

Beautiful Accommodation

Our accommodation breaks the mould when it comes to care and supportive living.


We help support more than just your living situation, we improve your skills with supported learning.


I come here every week to see my brother and sister in law. The staff are always helpful and pleasant. They couldn't be in a better place. Thanks for everything.

- Pat

I have visited Hebe on several occasions and each time I have been "more than impressed" with the staff and their evident commitment to their jobs. The residents also appear to enjoy the environment, who wouldn't with such a lovely home and the opportunities to partake in outings and other social events.

- Joan

Very happy with Rogers progress at Sandon Rd. They seem to be bringing him out of his self day by day. A long job but it is happening.

- L Y Smith

Just want to say a big thankyou to Michelle and Sharon for there support and understanding. Since Gary and Tracy moved into their new home they are very happy. Also thanks to all the other staff that care for them.

- Carol

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About Us

Hebe Healthcare Ltd is committed to promoting the rights and interests of individuals in line with the national policies on "Valuing People" and the Care Quality Commission Guidance about compliance: Essential Standards of Quality and Safety.

Address: 78 Hill Street, Birmingham, B54AH

Phone: 0121 634 2748


Our Policies

Hebe's policies emphasise the rights and needs of every person to have a life that affords the same opportunities for community living and development as anyone else in society.

We actively seek to promote equality, social inclusion, anti-discrimination and anti-stigma for all individuals.

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